Anabolic steroids’ effects are often compared to the steroids that the actors take, and how does it differ, and in which way.


You might have heard of the difference in side effects of anabolic steroids on ordinary people compared to people involved in filming or related people.

Let us discuss the concept in detail through this article.

The Big Picture

It is obvious to doubt the difference in side effects of anabolic steroids on people and actors. The surprising conversion of Hrithik Roshan and that of Farhaan Akhtar often stuns us because of the rapid changes occurring in their body.

The doubt that why the effects of anabolic steroids like baldness, hypertension, or heart attack are not there in these actors, are they unique from us or do they put something extra in their bodies.

The reasonableness is thus very easy, and questions about the same are apparent.

First and foremost, we as human beings do not have much time to connect with such intensified training sessions that these actors are indulged.

They invest a significant amount of time and patience throughout the process and eat a very balanced diet with having zero cheat meals. Their motivation level is massively different because they get paid to maintain such physique in movies and real life.

The effects of anabolic steroids are also there in their body, but through a great consultation with physicians and dieticians, they easily overcome such obstructions.

Another reason is that the physique, which is there on the onscreen and offscreen, is very different because of the level of maintainability and uneasiness to protect it all the time.

Thus, if you have noticed, even the bodybuilders fail to protect their abs and ripped bodies in a time of 24 hours.

One thing, which often traps us, is that these actors show us a very different picture of what they are. Some follow filter software’s as well.

They show us that only 6-7 % of body fats are there in their body, but do you think it is possible.

They film the scenes where they have to show their six-pack abs before any such project, which persuades us to believe they are successfully coping with their physique and diet, which is not valid.

The truth also lies in the evergreen talent of their trainers who are well resourced with maximum and potential amount of knowledge related to intake of anabolic steroids, diet plan and effects of anabolic steroids that may occur.

Their trainers have competed earlier in national games and fought various battles, due to which the amount of knowledge that they are generally equipped with is commendable and appreciable.

Money resolves many issues in the current times, and it applies in the case of actors as well. I suppose they suffer the side effects of anabolic steroids. They have plenty of money to recover from such side effects.

Moreover, the proper guidance given by the doctors related to the use of certain medicines is also there with such actors, which further prevents them from facing any consequences of anabolic steroids.

Such doctors give medicines at the very beginning of the cycle of anabolic steroids.

Other than anabolic steroids, the actors consume many steroids for the rapid increase in their body physique and converting it further into 6-8 pack abs.

When it comes to hair fall or baldness, the actors take either Minoxidil or other medicine to prevent the hair fall and relatable consequences.

These actors can avail themselves of the benefits availed by money, such as transplant or PRP if, in any case, they face the side effects from the consumption of anabolic steroids.


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This article is for informational purposes and in no way supports such substance. Hasti transformation does not support such substances; if anyone wants to consume steroids or medicines similar to them, it should be consumed after a clear prescribed method by the doctor or authorized Experts

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