Anadrol, preferably known as “Anadrol 50,” is said to be the most potent steroid. Let us dive into more details.


Anadrol is the most potent steroid that you will witness on the planet, right. People are though still unaware of its uses and side effects. Let us read the details.

The Insights

For those who do not know about the Anadrol steroid completely, it is a bulking steroid prominently used by bodybuilders and weightlifters and can never be used for cutting purposes.

Anadrol is used for ‘kick start cycles”, now you must be thinking about what is kick start cycle is.

Anadrol, like other steroids, is made for late results; it shows results very rapidly, i.e., 2-3 days.

The second is that it is used for mid-cycle plateaus, which means that it is used to re-generate the growth, which often gets obstructed due to one or other reasons.

Anadrol comes into play in the 1980s, mainly for medical purposes.

It was recognized as a potent medicine to cure anemia, specifically for “bone mersoseperation,” which means it was used to fix the muscle problem and other related problems attached to it.

Besides anemia, it also became an essential tool to cure the weight loss caused by “AIDS Cachexia.” Later eventually, it was withdrawn from the market as it has massive harmful effects on the liver, such as “Hepatotoxicity.”

The scientist also believes that it increases the functioning power of “testosterone” by settling down deep inside a place and activating the enzyme responsible for the regulation of “testosterone”.

Anadrol is a DHT compound, which means it is chemically derived. It is trusted that Anadrol is the shortest acting substance that remains in the body for just 16 hrs, and for the following hours, you need to consume it again.

It is thus recommended for daily usage.

The intake cycle of Anadrol is undisputedly suggested for only 2-4 weeks, as after that, it can be hazardous for the liver.

Bodybuilders often take Anadrol for training their particular muscle part, such as if on one day they want to train up their biceps, there are high chances that Anadrol is taken before training.

It may be believed that if you are a bodybuilder and you are taking 4-5 tablets, then directly, you are causing permanent damage to your liver.

Although Anadrol improves appetite, which means hunger would be highly prioritized, cases of vomiting and insanity are also seen.

It also increases the RBC functioning by 5 times more than any other androgenic substance or tool.

Consumption of Anadrol also leads to acne, back acne, potent male baldness, and other relatable diseases.

Anadrol also causes chest-related diseases such as ‘Gynocomestia’. Other than the effects on the chest and body parts, it also paves its way to ‘ANABOLIC INDUCED HYPGONADISM,’ which means it will shrink your testis to a very vast extent.

Anadrol can also show you the way for “permanent hormone replacement therapy,” i.e., damaging your hormones ultimately.

GI and liver effects are ubiquitous in Anadrol like any other steroid. In some cases, it also shows you jaundice and pilia.

As you might have seen, the effects on cholesterol, such as increased bad cholesterol and decreased good cholesterol, are identical in Anadrol.

The chances of heart attack are though more minor or rare in Anadrol. There have been cases in which people come and say that they have suffered a heart attack and survived it, though it can be said that it causes a minor problem from the heart perspective.

The problems increase where the blood volume increases because of potent water retention.


With being side effects more, it is seen that the Anadrol should never be taken for easy purposes and should always be consumed after due consideration of facts and health aspects.

The consultation of doctors and fitness trainers will be adequate to sail through the difficulties.

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This article is for informational purposes and in no way supports such substance. Hasti transformation does not support such substances; if anyone wants to consume steroids or medicines similar to them, it should be consumed after a clear prescribed method by the doctor or authorized Experts

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