With so much stress and tension around the world, a psychologist comes to your rescue. If you are searching for the best psychologists in Delhi, then Hasti Singh is the answer to your issues.


A psychologist is someone who has studied and is schooled in psychology, which is the study of human thoughts, feelings, and actions. While the term appears to have a broad definition, there isn’t just one sort of psychologist. There are several specialties within the area, and not all of them require talk therapy.

Types Of Psychologists

There are two sorts of psychologists: clinical and nonclinical.

 Clinical psychologists deal with clients to treat psychological issues and can concentrate on a range of areas. They also work with people of different ages, backgrounds, and concerns. Nonclinical therapists work in psychological science rather than clinical psychology. Developmental and cognitive psychologists, for example, commonly research and teach.

Psychologists in any instance, work with patients to practice skills that will help them reach their goals, which may be thought of as mental exercises.

It is crucial to emphasize, although, that a psychologist is not the same as a psychiatrist, although the two are frequently confused. Psychologists often treat less severe illnesses such as anxiety and moderate depression that do not require medication.


If you are experiencing symptoms that cause substantial discomfort or have a detrimental influence on your relationships, employment, or ability to go about your daily routine, contact Hasti Singh, the top psychologist in Delhi.

Other indications that may urge a person to employ the services of the best psychologist in Delhi, Hasti Singh, include:

  • Panic
  • Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Anger control
  • Dealing with stress
  • Feeling overwhelmed by a new life transition (such as moving or starting a new career) (such as the death of a loved one)
  • Coping with a chronic disease

Psychologists of many types

Per the best psychologist in Delhi, Hasti, there are 54 categories of the psyche. Some reflect distinct fields of psychology, such as clinical or societal, while others are more pertinent, such as trauma or aging.

The most common types of psychologists include:

Psychologists in clinical practice

Psychologists who work directly with a client are most commonly referred to as clinical psychologists. Clinical psychologists can be classified according to the type of treatment they provide, the type of patients they assist, or the setting in which they work. The most common differences are between individual therapy and couples therapy, and between adult therapy and child therapy.

Psychologists who provide counseling

Psychologists specialize in treating more serious disorders, whereas counselling psychologists help people cope with everyday challenges.

Psychologists specializing in cognitive psychology

Memory, attention, and problem-solving are all cognitive functions that cognitive neuropsychologists focus on.

Psychologists who specialize in education

To improve learning, educational psychologists’ study how people acquire knowledge and retain it.

Psychologists who specialize in industrial-organizational settings

Researchers in this division use research to improve employee performance in the office. Psychology professionals are often hired by organizations to assess and analyze employee performance, improve policies, and develop interventions and training related to everything from workplace bullying to discrimination. 

Psychologists in the military

Serving on the front line can be stressful for military personnel and their family members. Using psychological methods, they contribute to military assignments, evaluations, training, and sometimes equipment design, as well as maintaining mental health and morale among military members and families.


Anxiety, depression, and multiple personality disorders are becoming increasingly widespread. You can get treatment from a qualified psychologist. Hasti is the best psychologist in Delhi and a certified professional in the area of psychology. His corpus of work is built on the core idea that by improving self-awareness via therapy, you may experience real happiness, more creativity, and deeper closeness in your life. He has a decade of expertise and numerous satisfied patients. He is regarded as the finest child psychologist because of how he communicates health issues and hazards to patients, particularly children. He is responsible for Memory difficulty, memory evaluation, post-stroke, and post-traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, dementia care, and management, neuropsychological assessment, cognitive assessment, psychological assessment (IQ, personality, depression, and anxiety), and child psychology, behavioural counselling, evaluation, and thought problem.

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