Big nipples are often promoted; however, the number of people is growing who have started believing in character rather than appearance.


Some of our body parts have been differentiated for ages based on their size. One such body part is a nipple. Yes, you read that right, a body part because women have been characterized basis on their sizes, such as big nipples or small nipples.

Thus, the article will deal with 25 imperative facts linked with the nipples.


Let’s now look at those 25 essential facts which directly or indirectly link with the nipples.

1. Factor of diagnose

Previously used to happen that the nipple was seen as a factor in checking women’s health. As per the book published by Jane Sharp, i.e. “The Midwives Book or the Whole Art of Midwifry.”

The book clearly mentions that women’s nipples used to get changed, such as getting red after the copulation and black when they grow old.

2. Different types of nipples

The nipples can be different as per the body types. For instance, they can differ as inverted, protruding, or even some of them are categorized as unclassified. In some cases, it is even seen that one nipple is inverted and the other one is protruding.

Thereby leading to 4-8 types of nipples, including the big nipples.

3. Areola concept

Some people believe that nipple and areola is the same thing. However, the reality is different; nipples are at the centre of the breast while areola is the area covering the nipples on a breast.

4. Normalize inverted nipples

One more misconception inserted in people’s minds is that inverted nipples are bad and are faced outwards. Nevertheless, as an essential fact, the inverted nipples and protruding nipples function the same way in our body.

While in some situations, the protruding nipples can change from being inverted nipples such as piercing and different surgeries.

5. Two nipples on one areola

In rare cases, it is seen that the nipples are two and the areola is only one, which is also known as “bifurcated nipple”. As an essential fact, there is a high number of chances that the infants find it tough to extract milk from both nipples.

6. Hair on nipples

Have you ever-noticed hairs on your nipples irrespective of your gender? Well, it may seem normal for some people, and for some, it is a cause of worry. Hairy nipples are very normal, and people who have them generally wax or trim it to look attractive.

7. Average nipple height

In a study, some research was conducted about the height of nipple size.

It showed a mean areola diameter of 4 cm (which is a little smaller than a golf ball), a mean nipple diameter of 1.3 cm (similar to the width, not length, of an AA battery), and a mean nipple height of 0.9 cm (the size of a ladybug).

8. Theory of breastfeeding

For now, breastfeeding might seem simpler and quite sorted way, but in the renaissance period, women with infants used to give their infants to the nurses for feeding offspring. Later in the early 20th century, people started considering infant formula.

9. Change in size of nipples

Change in size of nipples is nothing new; it can be heavily changed at the time of pregnancy. In a study, around 56 women witnessed a change in their nipple sizes

10. Abnormal nipple discharge

Discharges from the nipple are very common and are nowadays seen in every other individual. However it leads to the concerns of cysts and hypothyroidism. In situations when the blood starts coming out of it, it is always advisable to recommend an authorized doctor.

11. Breast surgery

Augmentation of the breast has also become a trend, as popular and being highly differentiated from person to person. According to the data, the percentage of women liking it is 75 per cent.

12. Life without nipples

There are some cases in which people suffer from “athelia”, in which one is not born with nipples, and to generate them, one undergoes a breast reconstruction. In surgeries like these, the doctor acquires tissues from the abdomen or glutes.

13. Nerves concept

In one of the studies, the researchers quoted the cadavers to analyze the concept of nerve supply to the nipple and even areola.

The study, which came out, directed us to believe that nerves are more inclined to come out in the women nipple area than the men themselves witness.

14. Change in colour

Like different studies and researches, many people believe that the colour of the nipple is permanent as “pink”, but the truth hits different when we notice the environmental factors such as temperature and other relatable aspects.

As quoted above, the colour of nipples also noticeably change at the time of pregnancy.

15. Bumps and nipples

Bumps, also called “Montgomery glands”, should always be there because they tend to keep the areola and the other areas around the nipple lubricated and more liquid which further helps in other processes.

16. Attraction towards nipples

How far we can run from the truth that nipples do attract a large audience in men. Studies have concluded that both the genders quickly notice the breast and nipple part area in women’s body and accordingly, they are fantasized.

17. Multiple nipples

Problems also arise when there are multiple nipples where the situation is termed as “Supernumery nipples”.

Cases have been seen where a man was witnessed with 7 nipples, just imagine that!. Even in a case, a women noticed a nipple on her feet, similarly another women was seen with a nipple on her thigh from which she even breastfeeds.

18. Nipple tattoos

The world is witnessing a ever-demanding growth of tattoos in the breast reconstruction activity, whereby individuals have been seen practicing the same thing as the process goes forward.

Hence, people have been actively seen adapting to the recent trends.

19. Nipple piercings

Different studies have found that women and men have preferred nipple piercing and they are likely to get inclined towards this specific practice. Men and women both generally like the look of such piercing and they like this art.

The percentage of men liking it was 94 and women of 87.

20. Nipple pain

It is normal for breastfeeding women to go through some pain in their nipples, which covers the cases due to the bad positioning during breastfeeding.

Somehow, cases have been seen in the non-moms where the pain occurs because of irritation, allergies and problems associated with the types of bra such as “sports bra”.

21. Leaking milk

There can be situations whereby women breastfeeding can start leaking their milks if they start thinking about their babies.

Mothers whose babies are in NICU and too premature or sick to eat, have more success pumping if they have a picture of their baby near.

22. Nipple stimulation

Nipple stimulation from even the previous ages has started taking place. People usually take this as a part of foreplay, which even increases the glorified sexual arousal in individuals.

The ratio was 82 percent of men who liked it and among the women; it has been 52 percent of men.

23. Cracked nipples

In the initial days of breastfeeding, cracked nipples may take place. In cases when you are not breastfeeding, excessive gyming can also be the reason.

Thereby, it is always suggested to take precautions such as right bra and some antiseptics.

24. Nipple placement

Nipple placement is not common, somehow people have witnessed different circumstances as the most liked nipple-areola placement for both genders is “in the middle of the breast gland vertically and slightly lateral to the midpoint horizontally.

Nevertheless, the theory is influenced by trends going in media, which often reverses our thought process.

25. Lactation in male’s nipple

In rarest of rare situations, men has faced problems when their nipples start lactating, while for some it is depressing, for some it is highly embarrassing. The situation is known as “Galactorrhea”.

Bottom line

The message is clear that it does not matter whether your nipple is a big nipple or a small nipple; all that matters is the character that one holds.

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