Hip Dips can be very stress causing sometimes. Still, you can go for 10 exercises that will build your muscle there and reduce hip dips.


It is a common belief that the best exercise to get rid of Hip dips is doing sit-ups or crunches. They have been proven effective for strengthening the core abdominal muscles.

10 Exercises

1. Sit-Ups and Crunches

However, sit-ups and crunches only work for specific muscle groups. Doing these exercises wrong can do more harm than good to your body’s fitness goals. So, for reducing hips dips, sit-ups and crunches are a must to include.

Focusing on just a few areas of the abdominal muscles makes it possible to get optimal results. For example, many people focus on the rectus abdominis when doing sit-ups.

While the abdominals get a workout, so do the other muscle groups, such as the oblique muscles, which surely reduces the hip dips.

Also, be aware of how you perform your workout. Some people are way too tense when doing their workouts. Instead of concentrating on the pain in your hips, focus on the pain in your lower back. It can lead to an ineffective workout plan.

2. Leg Lifts

When performing leg lifts, make sure you are performing them slowly. If you are not doing the exercise slowly, you may be setting yourself up for a possible injury.

In addition, it is important not to lift heavy weights since this can weaken these muscle groups and demotivate you for reducing the hip dips.

Remember that your goal is to lose hip dips and strengthen your muscles, not build them up. By focusing on doing light workouts, you can easily accomplish this goal.

When doing leg lifts, you want to be cautious of your form. Try to keep all your concentration on maintaining proper form.

Use a spotter to watch and point out any potential problems during your workout if you have to.

Make sure you warm up before your workout and stretch before doing the actual exercises. It will also be easier for you to get started with a proper workout plan if you know what to expect from each exercise.

3. Outstretched Arm

Other exercises that will help you build muscle and tone down Hip Dips include pulling yourself up by your outstretched arm. You want to use enough tension to pull yourself up, but not so much that you rip your muscles.

Keep your back straight throughout your workout and focus on keeping your core muscles under control. Try to get your heart rate up as you are pulling yourself up, but not too fast.

4. Running

Running is another great exercise to include in your workout routine for eradicating hip dips. Running keeps your body in shape and toning the muscles in your legs and buttocks.

Most people use their legs for most of their walking, so it makes sense to tone those muscles up as well.

If you cannot run very far, a brisk walk at least two times a week will be more than sufficient in getting your lower body in shape.

5. Squats and Lunges

Squats and lunges are two exercises that can be done anywhere and at any time. Remember that they need to be done with good form to get maximum results regarding the hip dips.

Lunges work out the quadriceps and gluteus maximus muscles in your legs, while squatting tones those same muscles as well.

Always keep your body in proper alignment throughout your workout so that your muscles do not become tired or injured while you are working out.

6. Push-ups/Pull-ups

Doing push-ups or pull-ups will target your biceps, triceps, forearms, back, abs, and shoulders. These muscles will all become tired during your workout, so try to do several sets of push-ups or pull-ups to maximize the benefits from each one.

It is also important to exercise your muscles around your head because this area can be quite tense and sore when working out so that it can support your hip dips being vanished completely.

Chin-ups will also target your chin muscles and help them to become stronger and more defined.

7. Swimming

One of the last exercises concerning reducing hip dips is swimming. Swimming will tone muscles all over your body, including your arms and legs, making this a great last-minute workout before your body heats up and gets sweaty.

Try to use swimming machines to give yourself a full-body workout without using weights.

8. Leg Raises

Leg Raises are the preferable option for reducing or completely eradicating the hip dips and building adequate muscles.

Leg Raises are effective due to the style or exact way of doing it. You are expected to follow the guidelines properly for the best results.

However, as said above, if not done rightly, this exercise can also cause you some injuries, which are not gone easily.

9. Glute Bridges

Glute Bridges is the most underrated exercise concerning reducing hip dips, as they strictly focus on the hips and lower back portion.

The right way to follow is to inhale and exhale oxygen rightly and apply pressure on your hips. When you apply the pressure, it will cause tension and muscles will be active throughout the exercise.

Glute Bridges is one of the exercises that can be easily done in your respective homes by using the plank or some support you may need.

10. Kickbacks

Kickbacks are somewhat the funniest exercise that you can practice again in the home. It is funny because it insists you be in a cat-cow pose and lift your legs upwards.

Kickbacks are one of the easiest yet most definable parts of reducing the sufficient amount of fat on the hips and reduce the hip dips accordingly. For good results, even 15 repetitions are enough in a day.


If you are looking for a way to tone down your hips and lose weight simultaneously, then these tips will get you started.

The first thing to remember when building muscle and reducing hip dips is rest and keeping your muscles in between workout sessions.

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