How to get water out of your ear has somehow been a concern for people who face difficulty when water gets into their ears.


How to get water out of your ear has always been a broad subject, which covered the situations when waters get into our ears, and afterward, we follow several steps to take it out through different phases.

This article will cover the concept “how to get water out of your ear” and 12 ways on the same.

12 Ways

1. Jiggle

When the water, for any reason, gets into our ears, it may cause specific worries, while in some, it comes out on its own. Jiggling your earlobe comes first, as it is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to take water out.

In this technique, one can easily jiggle his earlobe while gently inclining the head in a downward motion.

2. Work of gravity

Gravity can make many things in our life easier; in the same aspect, it can be used with the help of a towel to absorb the water slowly and gently from the ear.

3. Creating a vacuum

This particular concept can also help a lot to drain out the water.

1. First, you have to lean the head to one side and place the ear onto a cupped palm, thereby creating a very tight seal.

2. Second, you can then try to push your hand back, which will flatten it with stretching and thereby cupping it while you pull it away.

3. Then, in the last step, you have to tilt the head downwards so that water can come out.

4. Blow dyer

Blow dyer apart from just heating hear can effectively help water to drain out from ears.

You do not have to be so conscious while using it, just rotate it in a back and forth direction by placing it from the ear somewhat away. The heat that will come out from the dyer will massively soak all the water in the ears.

5. Alcohol and vinegar drops

Alcohol, in many instances, can help you in situations where other substitutes generally fail or do not stand in eliminating the problems. With the use of alcohol, one can quickly kill the bacteria present in the ears and prevent certain infections that tend to happen.

The alcohol and vinegar drops can sort your problems when you take 3-4 drops, mix them and then put them in your ears. By adding the eardrops, you have to gently rub your ears and then lay your head sideways so that it can come out.

However, such a practice must not be followed in the below-mentioned situations:-

1. Infection in the middle ear

2. Eardrum is perforated

3. Eardrum tubes

6. Hydrogen peroxide eardrops

On one side, alcohol eardrops effectively sort things out, one can reasonably rely on the Hydrogen peroxide eardrops. These eardrops help clear your debris and earwax, which in turn won’t be trapping the water in your ears.

Such solutions consisting of eardrops can be easily found on the internet, called carbamide peroxide.

One should never follow these eardrops if have the conditions said below:-

1. Swelling or infection in any of the ear

2. Perforated eardrums

3. Middle ear infection

4. Eardrum tubes

7. Chew or Yawn

As a surprising fact, chewing can make things easy for you in a way for how to get water out of your ear. Generally, when water gets in the Eustachian tubes, movement of your mouth can constructively help you drain out the water.

Even yawning can help you to drain the water out of your ears.

8. Counter medication

If the problems get worst, and there is no natural remedy working for you, then in such a case, you can try counter medications such as Over counter medicines, which are entirely alcohol based.

As said above, the alcohol-based solutions can help you prevent the bacteria from entering the ears. Depending on the cause, OTC decongestant or antihistamine therapy may help.

9. More water

Now you must be thinking, how more water can be used in already inserted water, well the answer is simple.

You should fill the drops in the affected area, and then after some time, face your ears to the downside, so that whole of the water can come out quickly.

Such technique is always influential in helping the water drain out from the ears.

10. Olive oil

Olive oil is another effective tool, and it can actually drain the water out. You just have to warm some olive oil, test its temperature, place it in your ears, and then wait for 10 seconds.

After 10 seconds, place it on the downside so that the water can come out.

11. Valsalva Maneuver

Sometimes, the main problem is only Eustachian tubes when they get closed, thereby to open them, one should close his nostrils with the fingers and blow the air from the mouth.

When a clear pop-up sound comes from your ears, it means your tubes have opened, and then water will gradually come along

12. Steam

Steam is helpful in many cases, and in such instances, too, when the water gets into your ears. The steam is an effective tool through which the water inside gets evaporated.

You do not have to do much. Just place a towel on your head and then take the steam for atleast 10-20 mins, and afterward tilt your head at one side to drain the water.

While doing these steps, one should not do the things described below:_

1. Bacteria adding

2. Eardrum puncturing

3. Injury to the ear canal

If you want to prevent the water, you should chase caps while swimming, as the caps are highly preferable.

Other than this, towels can also be used to absorb the water.

Bottom line

The conclusion is clear, that if the steps are followed efficiently, then in no way can this thing harm you. However, if it remains there for 3-5 days, then swelling usually increases, and other injuries also get lined up.

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