Leg workouts are crucially important as they have a foundation in the body, thereby responsible for the growth.


Being strong at your base makes things more sorted and attractive in your body. On a similar note, leg workouts are one of the essential parts of any workout.

It is thus imperative for us to know some insights attached with the same and 15 best leg workouts to adapt and change our body structure to make it more attractive.


Many ask how we can design our leg workout schedule and how it can help us shape our body in a better way.

The answer is quite simple: simple exercises such as squats, hinges, and lunges are some basic leg workouts that you can do to start with the workout of the leg.

These exercises will focus on your Glutes, hamstring and quads.

Now another question which often surrounds us that how many days we should do the leg workout, see although the minimum period, but if you want the results fast, then 3-4 times is always preferable in which three sets of 8-12 reps should be practised.

For a warm-up, you can try a slow walk or treadmill run, which will make your body warm and somewhat ready for the leg workout.

We are done with some pro-tips. It’s now time to look at the 15 best leg workouts.

15 Leg Workouts

1. Back squat

Back squats remain first in the place, which is necessary to make your hamstrings strong and reliable.

The best way of doing the back squats is to place the barbell on your traps and then follow the routine of sit-ups by taking care your knees are not going forward than your toes and not colliding with each other.

2. Front squat

Front squats are essential for your quads. It is somewhat the same as explained in back squats. You have to place the barbell on your hands and do the same movement after that as such in back squats.

3. Romanian deadlift

Deadlifts are an important part of any exercise. You have to take dumbbells in your hands and then move forward with them by bending them a little bit by taking care that the knees are not going ahead of the toes.

4. Good mornings

The exercise is named as good morning to give you a fresh wake up call. Place a barbell on your traps, and then bend a little downwards by pushing your hips backwards. This exercise is made for stretching your hamstring s and applying pressure on your glutes.

5. Walking lunges

Walking lunges persuades you to believe that a lot can happen by placing your chest forward. When you place your right leg ahead, the left one will be automatically going back. In this exercise also, you have to take care of the knee is not going ahead than toes.

6. Reverse lunges

Lunges can be of some types, and reverse one’s are an active example. In reverse lunges, only one leg will be going back, and the other will be neutral.

7. Lateral lunges

Lateral lunges are moving vertically by shaping your body in a stretchable way to activate all the muscles in the body. The angle between your knee and upper body will be 90 degrees.

8. Step-up

In this exercise, you have to place your leg on one bench and then consistently step back by placing one leg on the floor. This exercise is prominent to maintain balance in the body.

9. Glute Bridge

The glute bridge exercise helps you work on your glutes by lying down on the floor and then slowly moving your lower body with the help of glutes.

10. Hip thrust

The hip thrust is a little bit the same as Glute Bridge. In this, you have to place your upper body on the bench and hands at the back of your head. Then slowly move your lower body by applying pressure to your glutes.

11. Goblet squat

Goblet squats define your patience, in which you have to hold the dumbbell in a vertical position and then do the squats.

12. Leg press

Leg presses are important to structure your thighs well. You have to press the weight machine to a 90-degree angle and then slowly leave it and take the pressure.

13. Leg curls

Leg curls are important for your hamstrings. You have to move the weight upwards by slowly taking the pressure. You also need to take care that slow movement is being followed as the fast rotation can cause you injury.

14. Bulgarian split squat

Bulgarian split squat is placing one leg on the chair and rotating only one leg by placing your upper body straight.

15. Single leg deadlift

Single leg deadlift implies that you have to move your one leg all the way up by pushing it back and bending towards more than the normal deadlifts.


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