Medusa Piercing has started becoming a new trend, as the wants of people are exceeding their needs. Let us go in-depth.


A medusa piercing, also nicknamed a “hidden” medusa piercing, is an upper lip piercing put in the outer edge of the nostril, right under the septum.

The Insights

It is usually pierced with a flat titanium stud as jewelry, however, with some types of jewelry, the ball sits outside of the mouth along with the slight dip of the upper lip.

The jewelry, in this case, is so tiny that it is virtually impossible to see it unless you are super-close. However, the ball looks cool!

To heal, a new piercing needs to be done at least 12 weeks after your previous one was removed. It means you have 12 weeks to recover from your last piercing! If you do not, the healing process will take longer.

Do not be discouraged. It’s typical to have a little discomfort after your first medusa piercing.

Your body has gotten used to it and knows how to heal itself. You may experience some soreness for a day or two.


Observations and Caution

If you have a medusa piercing and start experiencing any pain while having it, you need to see a doctor right away!

Pain, bleeding, and swelling are definite signs that you have damaged your new jewelry, and you need to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Healing a damaged medusa piercing takes even longer than recovering one that just was accidentally left behind on your piercing.

One of the essential aftercare products to be used after a medusa piercing is aloe vera. You can easily find this thing i.e. aloe vera in most of the shops.

Aloe vera has been proven to help speed up the healing process of many different types of skin piercings, including lip piercings.

You can apply it directly to the healing site with a cotton ball, or if you are more comfortable, you can also use some aloe gel that can be found in many drug stores or your favorite supermarket. Both ways will work great.

The following vital product to use after you have your medusa piercing done is an excellent old-fashioned saline mixture. It is very easy to find at your local drug store or just by going to your favorite supermarket.


It’s a mixture of warm water and salt. The amount you need to use depends on how large your new jewelry is and how clean you want it to be.

If you want to be extra thorough, you can add some anti-bacterial agents to the mixture to help keep the infection from spreading.

There are two ways to complete the lip piercings after the procedure.

Many people prefer this method because they can spend more time doing their thing and less worrying about how the healing process is going.

Another reason is that it is usually cheaper than having a professional piercer do it. It is also generally easier to complete since all you have to do is soak your jewelry in saline solution for a few hours and then let it dry.

The other way to complete the medusa piercing healing time is to use an aftercare kit that will help speed up the healing time. These kits are available online or at your local pharmacy.

They come with all the items you need to care for your new jewelry after completing your procedure.

Typically, you will put these in your jewelry box before packing up your new piece of jewelry for storage. After a week or so, your medusa piercing healing time should be complete.

While cleaning your new jewelry is very important, please do not overdo it. After washing and drying it, make sure you give it an excellent quick rinse in the sink.

Then you will be ready to start wearing your jewelry again.

Again, it is essential to follow the directions on your jewelry container and not over-clean it. It can cause damage to the finish and will make your new jewelry look old before its time.


There is no doubt that medusa piercing is a new trend. Nevertheless, we are also aware of the general facts and some caution that we must take care of.

Whether medusa piercing is necessary or avoided depends upon your preferences.

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This article is for informational purposes and in no way supports such substance.

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