PCT test was never a new concept for anyone involved in Bodybuilding or the fitness industry. The article will throw light on it.


PCT test is as crucial as its name and taken with due consideration of some facts discussed through this article.

PCT test

PCT test, i.e. post cycle therapy, is much bigger and impactful than its name. Post cycle therapy test is a fundamental process, which is taken off course after the cycle of certain steroids.

However, we as a general audience or human beings are less aware of why it is crucial to take it seriously.

Generally, when we stop the intake of certain steroids in our body, it tends to show some side effects that are very harmful to our coming generations and their growth perspectives.

It also leads to a decrease in the size of the testis that is also known as ‘testicular atrophy”. Hence, to regulate the growth of certain organs or hormones in our body, some specific steroids or medicines are taken, which we refer to as “post cycle therapy” also known as PCT test.

In post cycle therapy, i.e. PCT test, the negative stimulation of testosterone is eliminated, and smoothness in the functioning of growth mechanisms are thereby noticeable.

However, we should never forget that medicines or any substance taken are never consumable without the consultation of fitness trainers or doctors.

As the PCT test largely depends upon the cycle, through this article, I will try to put forth the medium PCT test substances which can be informative for you.


The first medicine in the list of PCT tests is tamoxifen tablets taken in the medium cycle steroids.

The best tamoxifen dosage is 40 mg in the first two weeks and then 20 mg in the last two weeks. In this way, it becomes a cycle of 4 weeks, in which once in a day is always preferable.

One of the most prominent purposes of intake of tamoxifen tablets is to cure breast cancer.

It also modulates breast estrogen receptors, which are great for recovering from certain issues related to that specific area.

Estrogen is nowhere required in the male body. As a result, it eliminates the problems faced by men in taking specific steroids.

The problems caused by estrogen are widely known as mood swings, gynecomastia etc.

2. Anastrozole

Anastrozole is second in the list of potent PCT tests. It is also known as “During cycle therapy”, which means it can also be used when the cycle of steroids is in continuity.

And without any worldly hype, anastrozole is a better PCT test than Tamoxifen.

Anastrozole intake is 1-2 tabs, which can be taken for the time per week as recommended by the dietician or appropriate consultant. It can also be consumable 0.5 mg every day or 1 mg per week as and when recommended.

There have been cases where Tamoxifen and anastrozole were untidily consumed, but literally, it makes no sense as it causes massive side effects and dangerous effects on the liver.

Nevertheless, the competition between the two Tamoxifen and anastrozole always remains high as both are influential in their way. They both are also recognizable as “testosterone stimulating drugs”.

As per my views, you should take anastrozole as it is highly effective than tamoxifen tablets. However, anastrozole is a bit expensive than Tamoxifen. For that reason, you should always take care of your pocket.

3. Clomid (50 mg)

Clomid is third in the list of PCT tests, which is recommendable for intake of 2 weeks, one tablet per day. Clomid is not suggestable as it causes massive side effects on the liver, and even liver failure is possible by consuming this medicine.


HUCOG is an alternative for Clomid and was designed for pregnancy in women. Somehow it managed to make its place in men’s daily schedule.

The primary purpose of HUCOG was to shock the HPT to boost and restart the whole process.

The HUCOG also helps in testis functioning.

The recommended use of HUCOG is once a week.

5. Adjuvant drugs

The fourth in the list is compound drugs known as “Adjuvant drugs” such as Ayurveda products, such as “Gokshura and Testofuel”.

Now, if the question pops up that what is the solution for male baldness, then the complete answer is “Minoxidil”, which helps to restart the growth of new hair follicles on the region where the occurrence of hair has stopped.


The article is for sure enough to answer all the questions about the “PCT test“. However, some questions tend to get answered by only fitness consultants or doctors.

For such consultations, Hasti Transformation, owned by Hasti Singh, is always recommendable as they provide online consultation and sessions equipped with motivation and confidence-boosting sessions.


This article is for informational purposes and in no way supports such substance. Hasti transformation does not support such substances; if anyone wants to consume steroids or medicines similar to them, it should be consumed after a clear prescribed method by the doctor or authorized Experts

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