Pre Wedding

Pre Wedding


Please Note:

Pre Wedding with HT is an intense, powerful plan carefully designed by Hasti Singh himself. This plan comes complete with a special training plan.

Note: Once you submit that form and share your payment details, we will get in touch in working 3 days.



Every Month start with 5th.

About Class

Key Highlights of your Workout Plan

100 days fitness challenge and Classic will be live every alternate day.

And another day we will guid you full body stretching. Such as

  • Static Stretching. …
  • Dynamic Stretching. …
  • Active Stretching. …
  • Ballistic Stretching. …
  • Myofascial Release. …
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) …
  • Functional Stretching.

Important Note – 

We will provide you, an unbelievable reward from Hasti Singh himself.


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