Safest steroids is a myth for fitness trainers, or is it possible to have such steroids in today’s time. Stay tuned to know the whole story.


As you might have heard about asteroid, one of the safest steroids for the human body, i.e. Deca Durabolin.

This article will discuss its uses, benefits, potential side effects, and why it is denotable as “Deca Dick”.


Deca Durabolin came in 1970 when several people came to know about the “Deca course”, due to which a heavy number of people started consuming it.

Deca slowly made a place in people’s minds with being said that it has no androgenic side effects such as baldness, acne etc.

It was also concluded that it shows no such sign of effects on Kidney and liver that concentrated the attention of many people and started trusting it as the safest steroid.

However, concerns are attachable with the controversy being named “Deca Dick” as people started pitching in with the problems such as “Erectile Dysfunction” and issues about the same aspect.

So, if we go back in history again, Deca came in 1960, when its uses were only limited to medical ones such as treating various problems of severe malfunction disease and other relatable issues and concerns.

Deca is combined with various non-testosterone elements to function better.

Deca was thus being considered as one of the “rockstars” in the market.

First, let us see the theory behind ‘Deca Dick”.

The first reason for Deca Dick is that it acts like any other substance in our body, therefore showing similar signs such as mixing up with the hormones in the body and causing effects.

Second, deca, i.e. safest steroid, has upto 20% of androgenic side effects, which will cause similar side effects as those found in various other steroids, which directly leads to “Deca Dick”.

The third is that it causes estrogen and problems such as Gynaecomastia, which has a new name in the market, i.e. Proteins.

Proteins do the same thing in our body as estrogen does in the male body, which clearly produces breasts in the male body and further becomes a common cause of worry.

All these reasons portrayed above lead to “Deca Dick”, which further results in low sex drive and decreased sex hormones in the body.

Therefore, in conclusion, Deca, i.e. safest steroid, is prescribed with testosterone so that the equilibrium between health and sex drive remains maintained throughout the process.

That means whenever a deca, i.e. safest steroid, is given, let’s suppose in the amount of 100 g, then 200 mg testa is provided for safety reasons.

The imperative benefit of one of the safest steroids is that it does not have drastic effects or even considerable effects on the liver and Kidney, which is a perfect sign.

Although the safest steroid has effects such as increasing lousy cholesterol and decreasing good cholesterol.

Even the slightest effects on the liver, Kidney or any other body part could be eliminated by having a medicine course as prescribed by the doctor.


The safest steroid may lead you to some worries if not taken after due diligence of certain aspects, such as its minor effect on the Kidney and sex life.

Hasti Transformation, owned by Hasti Singh, maintains its standards of guiding you well with such steroids through proper online training and motivational confidence-boosting sessions organized by the team.


This article is for informational purposes and in no way supports such substance. Hasti transformation does not support such substances; if anyone wants to consume steroids or medicines similar to them, it should be consumed after a clear prescribed method by the doctor or authorized Experts

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