Thyroid has become a major disease that is slowly becoming a cause of worry for many people. Let us get into the detail.


The body types are different in this world, but we somehow share common diseases sometimes, which evolved due to our negligent acts.

Unfortunately, the thyroid is one of them.


Thyroid disease If you don't know, now you know c
Thyroid disease If you don’t know, now you know c

Many times, people experience situations in which sudden weight gain and laziness is spotlighted. The reason can be thyroid for which tests are conducted.

The test contains a detailed analysis of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, and then it is decided whether you have thyroid or not.

The thyroid is a gland present in your body and not a mere disease. The disease, though related to the thyroid, is known as hyperthyroid. It although does not matter that you belong to which gender, but for a matter of fact, it is 8 times much higher in females than in males.

Hypothyroid is not so common in males and easy to spot, but it is found when even you inhale or exhale oxygen because when the rate of the thyroid is less, the basal metabolic rate increases.

Then the cure given is thyroxin is given and recommended by the doctors to tackle the hyperthyroid.

Another symptom is patchy hair loss, which is observed in the cases of hypothyroid. Another hair loss is termed patterned hair loss that is due to the increasing age in men.

Patchy hair loss is witnessed due to the body’s less thyroid and increasing hyperthyroid, the after-effects are seen when the hair follicles lose their regenerating capacity, and even the doctors feel helpless at times to cure it.

The third symptom is itchy and dry skin that is often faced by people having less thyroid.

The fourth symptom is depression in less thyroid and hyperthyroid, whereby you won’t feel the urge to work upon any projects, and laziness will remain constant throughout the day.

Thyroid disease If you don't know, now you know c
Thyroid disease If you don’t know, now you know c

Fifth is decreasing muscle recovery symptoms in which continuously cramps are noticed in the body after the workout. This is because of the low thyroid in the body.

Sixth is lack of concentration and poor memory due to low thyroid. An average concentration percentage is 15-40%, but due to low thyroid,, it lowers down to 5-7 %, which is extremely very low. A study was conducted when people were given basic math problems, and they miserably failed.

The seventh symptom is increased sensitivity to cold when people become more prone to cold and fever due to less thyroid in the body, so the basic capability of the body converting the fat into heat also lowers down.

The next symptom is constipation; people with a very less amount of thyroid are more likely to attract the disease, thereby reducing gut motility.

The ninth symptom is feeling tired all the time because of the low thyroid. The last is the heavy period that the females face. According to the data, 30% of the females experiencing the heavy periods were facing less thyroid.

If you are a female facing heavy periods, you must consult the doctor and ask him what can be the reasons.

Thyroid disease If you don't know, now you know c
Thyroid disease If you don’t know, now you know c


It is 2021, and everything comes with a cure. Hence thyroid has it too. You can consult the doctors for the test and take medicines such as thyronorm for relief.

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This article is for informational purposes and in no way supports such substance.

Hasti transformation does not support any harmful substances; if anyone wants to consume any medicine or substance similar to them, it should be consumed after a clear prescribed method by the doctor or authorized Experts.

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