Vascular dementia may be effective for some aspects, as it can give you massive pumps. A clear picture of the whole theory will be prioritized.


Vascular dementia has always been a consideration for many gym-goers, and we have been receiving requests to share insights about it.

Some tips and effects of medicines are shared through this article.


First and foremost, the body fat must be less than 12 % so it becomes more shine can be brought on the veins region, and it can be thus showcased. Veins work on lesser body fat, and if your skin is thicker, it will not become vascular at all.

Second, you need to be hydrated so that the blood flow gets balanced in your body and veins can get an adequate amount of blood flow to become vascular.

Many bodybuilders try dehydrating themselves before the competition to look vascular, which we will never recommend as it is highly dangerous for your health and certain complications can occur in your body.

Third is sunbath, which is often suggested by many people, as it is for the time being increases your blood flow on the skin, as the heat is necessary. However, it can never be suggested for the long run because of the side effects such as heath rash, tanning, etc.

Salt restriction is most of the time recommended by people training in the gym. It is not right because that can further cause a worry in salt requirement in your body.

Now, we will discuss the medicines.

L- Argin

It is one of the first medicine used for building up vascularity and giving massive pumps in the veins because it contains nitrous oxide while helping to widen the veins, further exposing them.

It is also given and prescribed by doctors for heart patients. It is highly recommendable because of its ability to widen the muscles, making the blood flow easier in the body.

The uses are thus classified in the cases of erectile dysfunction where people are given for bettering their sex life and bringing back the loss charm in their respective lives.

Doctors also use this substance in limb recovery for the same reasons discussed in heart patients. People can take 1 gm before and half gm after the workout, which is notably enough regarding its uses. Some fitness trainers recommend heavy and expensive steroids, which are really out of the league for newbie gym-goers. You can easily purchase it from your nearby stores, as it is worth only 40 Rupees.

We discuss the side effects of medicines. However, L-Argin has no such side effects, which can be dangerous for your health and is recommended.

Mostly it is used for different purposes, i.e., both pre-workout and post-workout, which depends upon your needs.


Boldenone is one of the steroids used for post-production purposes, which means it increases RBC, which in turn causes the vein to be clearer on your skin.

It has side effects just like any other steroid, which means it can cause strokes and dangerous diseases because of the excessive blood flow in the body.

Thus, we never recommend such types of steroids.

One way of increasing the vascular dematine in your body is to donate the blood once every six months, as it is more likely to get thickness in your blood because of re-generating the new RBCs in the body.

In this way, you can benefit others and make sure you get ‘erythropoiesis,’ which people buy in the form of extra steroids.

With blood donation, you can also test your HIV and AIDS as it is also necessary. Apart from other things, the hospital staff or the authority will call you and inform you if your blood is worthy of being selected or if you have any diseases.


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This article is for informational purposes and in no way supports such substance. Hasti transformation does not support such substances; if anyone wants to consume steroids or medicines similar to them, it should be consumed after a clear prescribed method by the doctor or authorized Experts.

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