Double Marker Test is becoming familiar to people, as the results are favorable for people who want to access technology at its best.


The double marker test in pregnancy can provide essential information for expecting mothers. It is an indicator of pregnancy and helps them monitor their health.

However, the reliability of this test is highly debated among experts, as results are variable.

Here are some guidelines on how to conduct the test correctly.

The Complete Picture

What Is a Double Marker Test in Pregnancy To Do or Not To Do 1
What Is a Double Marker Test in Pregnancy To Do or Not To Do 1

Most women at home cannot conduct the double marker test in pregnancy. That is why they chose doctors and hospitals to do it for them. This simple double marker test necessitates special preparation by pregnant women before the process onset.

All they need to do is to collect urine and a blood sample early in the morning within three days from conception through week twenty-one of your pregnancy.

This period is considered the window period in which you can be tested for any possible risk factors associated with your pregnancy.

The results of the double marker test are dividable into different segments, which vary from person to person as everyone in this world have their blood groups and hormone functionality.

If the result is up to the mark or sound, the doctors decide to proceed further.

These questions are vital and cannot be answerable with any forms of contraceptives or medication except as stated in the medical direction.

As these double marker tests are less predictable, the proper consultation of doctors is highly preferable. Many pregnant women who already have a double marker test pregnancy test have proved that it is accurate.

It is especially true with the free beta HCG and double marker test in pregnancy kits.

What Is a Double Marker Test in Pregnancy To Do or Not To Do 1
What Is a Double Marker Test in Pregnancy To Do or Not To Do 1

A family history of diabetes, hypertension, and obesity is considered to be a strong indicator of a higher risk of conceiving a baby with hypertension or gestational diabetes. That is why this double marker test is essential.

If your family has a history of such problems, you should regularly monitor your blood sugar level.

It may indicate that you are already at risk of having a baby with such a health problem.

Hypertensions and gestational diabetes are two severe health conditions that can cause pregnancy complications. If one of your parents had either of these, you are also at risk of getting it or having baby with one of these conditions.

There is also an indicator of possible pregnancy that involves detecting the presence of the beta-glucan in the amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid is thick and sticky, and it often contains ammonium hydroxide.

However, this characteristic of the amniotic fluid does not always mean that you are pregnant. Hence, an ultrasound or a dipstick test is needed to confirm the pregnancy.

Another indicator that may indicate pregnancy is the increased number of chromosomes from a pair of parents. Chromosomal abnormalities involve several pairs of chromosomes, including chromosome errors, deletion of a chromosome, rearrangement of chromosomes, and imprinting.

Apart from the double marker test, NT scan is sometimes in the news as it functions somewhat the same as the double marker test.

The doctor shows a clear picture of a baby in the womb and highlights the abnormalities in the NT scan.

Chromosome errors are present in only a small percentage of pregnancies, but if they are present, an ultrasound or a blood test is needed to confirm the pregnancy.

What Is a Double Marker Test in Pregnancy To Do or Not To Do 1
What Is a Double Marker Test in Pregnancy To Do or Not To Do 1

In addition, if a disease causes abnormalities, a complete medical checkup is needed to make sure that there are no other diseases.

Trisomy markers are used to determine whether a person is carrying two sets of chromosomes; the presence of a trisomy means that there is a possibility of an additional chromosome.


A complete deletion or deletion and rearrangement of chromosomes is regular. However, the presence of only a few chromosomes suggests that the organism’s structure may be abnormal.

For this reason, a double marker test is an essential tool for the diagnosis of Down syndrome. However, it should not be considered a substitute for the diagnosis of the syndrome itself.

“To do or not to do” highly depends upon your consultation taken from authorised doctors and dieticians.

Whether a standard test or a double marker test, consultation is always required. If you exercise or not, the talk apart from doctors also matters a lot.

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